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Business solutions

Logistics Intelligence allows you to grasp in an instant which marketing strategies would be most appropriate to reach your target audience. Equally it enables optimal organisation of the ‘last mile’ in the distribution and delivery process. And allows users to swiftly assess opportunities presented in an interesting expanding area. For almost every business challenge, in terms of logistics, real estate or marketing, Location Intelligence offers new perspectives, efficiency and competitive advantage.

Location Intelligence capability has long ceased to be an expensive or complicated matter. Geodata is simply stored in the cloud in a similar way to our photos, emails and favourite music. And is only paid for when it is actually used. Customers determine how much Location Intelligence they need, when they need it and where. Scalable, reliable and without any excessive upfront costs.

Process optimisation at PostNL

At PostNL, an increasing number of departments, employees and customers are using Location Intelligence. For example an application which enables customers to visualise brochure distribution, or a walking route application for the thousands of postal workers who walk the streets to make deliveries. For a number of years, this has been cloud-based through our own platform. This platform ensures flexible provision and use of services, data and functionality and optimises various internal and customer processes at PostNL.

Ideal information position

The healthcare sector is a dynamic sector. It is crucial for Health Care Strategy Group (HCSG) to have a good information position to ensure it can provide optimal service to its customers. To have an accurate understanding of the market, the consultancy firm uses the Geodan Postcodescan.

Rapid understanding of the growth potential

As part of the growth ambitions of Kindergarden, with childcare centres all over the country, Location Intelligence is becoming ever more important. Using the viewer developed by Geodan, the organisation can quickly combine and analyse generic and specific data from various sources. The result is an optimal decision making process to decide on the ideal location for the next Kindergarden centre.

An understanding of the situation at a glance

The viewer from Geodan’s cloud platform is also used to assess and establish strategic choices and policy; for example, ABN AMRO uses the viewer to get a clearer idea of market sectors and to perform accurate client category and customer distribution analyses. Location Intelligence therefore contributes to effective decision making within the bank.