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Privacy, Security and Cookies

On this page we explain how Geodan deals with personal data and which cookies are placed on your computer by us and by third parties.


Our Privacy Policy relates to the storage and the use of your personal data.

We deal carefully with registered data, such as e-mail addresses and names. We do not sell e-mail addresses or other data and we do not pass on data to third parties. Any data collected through contact forms is also dealt with carefully. This personal data is dealt with as confidential information. To fulfil legal obligations, we may pass on personal data to third parties.

The reason for registering is to enable you to download articles and demo files from our website and to purchase paid services.


We take various technical and organisational measures (including relating to coding, passwords and physical security) to safeguard your personal data against loss. This includes against any form of unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure or other unlawful processing.


To ensure that the Geodan website operates correctly, we use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is sent with website pages and that are stored by the browser on your computer’s hard disk. Geodan places a number of cookies that are required for operation of the website. For example, logging in, remaining logged in and downloading, for example, demo files.

The use of cookies is essential for our website to run correctly. However, equally important are cookies of which the effect is not immediately apparent (for example, Google Analytics). Without anonymous input from visitors, we are unable to see how the website is used and how we can improve this. We place these ‘tracking cookies’ for analytical purposes; these are ‘third party cookies’. We do not place these cookies ourselves, these are placed by third parties. For this reason, we are unable to take any responsibility for these.

If you prefer not to accept cookies, you can easily switch the cookies off through your browser.

List of the cookies that are used

Below is a list of the cookies that Geodan places and the third-party cookies that we use.

Google Analytics

With the help of Google Analytics, we collect (anonymized) information about search behaviour. This enables us to see how visitors use the website. We use this information to improve the website. The information that is acquired is stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google also sends this information to advertisers in order to provide an insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google can give this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or insofar as these third parties process information on behalf of Google. We are unable to influence this. We have not given Google permission to use the analytics information that is acquired for other Google services. Read Google’s privacy policy for more information, as well as the specific privacy policy of Google Analytics.

If you do not want your click behaviour to be tracked, you can download a browser plug-in from the Google website to prevent this. This setting will then apply to all websites that you visit, so not only the Geodan website. You can download the browser plug-in here.

Functional cookies

These are cookies that are required for correct functioning of the website. Without these cookies, certain parts cannot be used. For example on cookies are used to enable you to log in. Cookies are also used to remember settings and preferences.

Embedded content

In blog articles, content can be used that is hosted on other websites and that is accessed from For example, Slideshare presentations, YouTube videos and Storify. You can find out what these companies do with the cookies and personal data in the privacy policy of the relevant service. We have no control over this.