Geodan Movida

Geodan Movida: for your location and RFID solutions

Geodan Movida is the most sophisticated platform available on the market to create real-time location awareness applications for business and enterprise customers.

With Geodan Movida, organizations can:

  • Identify and locate in real-time people or assets, seamlessly, wherever they are: on the road, in buildings or warehouses;
  • Generate information and alert-based intelligence to support the most demanding mission-critical applications;
  • Generate extensive reports, to analyze assets use, resource allocation and operations efficiency;
  • Provide rich visualization capabilities, including 3D, for coordination and supervision;

Movida can be the solution for your organisation...

Movida can be used in different markets:

  • Asset Utilization in Heavy Industry
  • Workers Safety in Industrial Environments and O&G
  • Quality of service monitoring of towing operations
  • Increasing shop profitability
  • Forest Fire Coordination
  • Emergency services
  • Field Work of Police Officers

Further information

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