Public order and safety

Prison of the future: Detention Concept Lelystad

Detention Concept Lelystad (DCL) is the detention concept in which the basis of safety is the implementation of real-time location awareness and RFID. Geodan Movida is the electronic tracking system used in support of prison personnel.

Customer & need

DCL is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and is the responsibility of the Judicial Institutions Service (DJI). The objective of the project is to seriously cut down the cost per prisoner and to increase the safety of prison personnel. Geodan Mobile Solutions offers technology for identification and localisation of prisoners in real-time based on RFID. The project was carried out together with KPN, Alanco TSI PRISM (US) and Aeroscout (US), coordinated by Van de Geijn Partners.


Geodan Movida continuously registers the current prisoners’ location. This is through a secured wristband equipped with an active RFID-tag. The system generates the alarm in case the previously defined rules are infringed. With the wristband, all prisoners log in on the computer network, first of all for personnel to identify the prisoners’ personal data but also to, for example, arrange different administrative matters or to make phone calls.


  • Register and present the current location of individuals and groups (e.g. prisoners, personnel, visitors) in the pavilion;
  • Identify individual prisoners and visualise information;
  • By prisoner, assign the permitted and prohibited areas within and outside the building based on a previously defined activity calendar;
  • Visualise the prisoners’ location history, including past movements in a previously defined time interval;
  • Support the central static post when looking for specific persons;
  • Count the number of prisoners (in the building, in a certain area);
  • Check in and check out prisoners by linking a unique wristband number to the corresponding personal data in the Justice-database;
  • Generate alarms in case zone restrictions are infringed or in case an attempt is made to disconnect, take off or destroy the wristband;
  • Assign and classify types of alerts per type of infringement (colour-based, sound signals, follow-up actions, etc.).

Further information

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