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6-digit postal code map The Netherlands

The 6-digit postal code map of The Netherlands contains the location of all active Dutch 450,000 complete postcodes. On average, a postal code contains 17 addresses or ‘delivery points’. With the 6-digit postal code map of the Netherlands you can perform various geographic analysis on your address based data.

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Natural bounderies

The postal code map consists of postal code areas. Within a postal code area all addresses and buildings have the same postal code. The area boundary follows the natural boundaries such as buildings, streets, roads, railways and water. For each postal code area, the following information is available:

  • basic data: postal code, town, municipality and province;
  • address: street name and number of addresses;
  • buildings: the average number of buildings and building age;
  • usage: the functions working, living, leisure and other;
  • region formats: the postal code formats on PC5, PC4 and PC2 level plus the municipalities, counties and other municipal classifications;

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The postal code map is also available as a table with the location coordinates and the basis and address.

Additional attributes

Per postal code, there are also additional data available such as socio-demographic data, exact number of addresses for 12 different uses, information on floors, type of buildings such as apartments, family houses and the like, surface buildings and a floor space index, proximity statistics of facilities and much more.

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