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Aerial photos and satellite images of The Netherlands

Aerial photos and satellite images can be used excellently in a GIS as a background for reference purposes. Many applications can be thought of, for example, for water boards or municipalities, or for correctly mapping the environment of a location that will be purchased.

Aerial photos

With our partner Slagboom and Peeters, we provide aerial photos of The Netherlandsup to a level of detail of 25 cm. We provide digital geographical photos that have been made vertically. The photos are all geometrically corrected, of an excellent quality and for direct use in your GIS, in visualisations or for print.

Besides aerial photos, a Digital Terrain Model (DTM-N) is also available. This dataset has a level of detail of 1 meter and is different from other altitude models in that it perfectly shows the altitude of the terrain, without any houses and trees, although it does show for example dikes, ditches and slopes. In combination with the aerial photos, it is possible to make 3D visualisations.


SAT5, produced by NEO B.V. in Amersfoort, is a digital satellite image of The Netherlands as a whole. The image is composed of elements that measure 5 metres by 5 metres on the ground, hence the name SAT5. With this level of detail, cities, neighbourhoods, streets and blocks of houses can be distinguished, but also different patterns in the overgrowth and nature reserves. Roads and waterways can be distinguished excellently.

Besides SAT5, an image file of elements of 1 meter by 1 meter (SAT1) is available.



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