Safe Infrastructure

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Organisations with critical infrastructure do not need to wait for the resolution of congested trains, a power outage or flooding caused by excavation damage. Disruptions are tedious, expensive and can significantly damage reputations. Luckily, through the clever application of location data, these problems can be resolved more quickly, or even avoided altogether.

Adequate, fast and role-specific

The Incident and Crisis Management product suite from Geodan can manage reports about incidents and (potential) water, governmental, and railway crises adequately, promptly and role specifically. This suite is a complete solution that allows the entire process to be handled, from initial report to evaluation. Whether it is a report about an impending flood or a railway points failure, a rapid and substantiated initial report ensures efficient handling. All available location and process data come together in order to be able to rapidly put the right actions into place.

Geodan has implemented the incident management system, Spoorweb, for ProRail. This now forms a part of the standard work processes at ProRail and can manage a wide range of different incident types. In addition, the Hollands Noorderkwartier water authority uses Eagle Water, which is a part of the ICM product suite. This system gives a timely and accurate water picture and makes sharing of information possible. This means robust decisions about measures that may be required can be implemented rapidly.

Geodan and Van den Berg developed the WION system to meet the requirements of the WION act (Information Exchange on Underground Networks Act), which is a regulation governing excavation contractors. Using the WION application, Geodan has been playing a major role in preventing damage during excavation works for almost 10 years.