Location information connects the Smart City

Explore the world of Geo-information

Data-driven Smart Cities

In a new energetic society, we are working in ever-changing partnerships towards innovative data-driven solutions. Cloud and sensor-based technology combined with 3D-visualisation can ensure a sustainable, accessible, safe and efficient city.

The impact and feasibility of spatial plans can be made visible more easily

More and more parties are making plans that could contribute to the development and economic growth of the city. The local government in The Hague wants to make it easier for stakeholders to assess the feasibility and impact of plans. In a proof of concept, Geodan has developed a dynamic 3D-model of the Binckhorst industrial park. By visualising various development scenarios for this area, the impact on the environmental factors can be displayed in real time.

It’s a great way to provide an authentic representation of the future

Virtual worlds that are based on reality (in which solving a problem is presented as a game) offer excellent opportunities to solve spatial problems in the best way possible. Based on real spatial data, Geodan is developing Geocause, an intelligent, interactive 3D-world in which scenarios can be shown and explored. With Geocause, organisations are provided with an authentic representation in which they can explore their future and therefore, determine their possible future role. But that is not all – they can also customise any current plans.

With PICO sustainability efforts visualised

Insight can lead to better decision-making, a common vision, and effective sustainability measures. To achieve a sustainable residential vision of the city, the city of Haarlem and three housing corporations are sharing the real estate properties and the associated energy labels with each other. This provides new and important insights into the current and desired situation. PICO supports individuals and parties in this, but is especially valuable in this multi-stakeholder setting.