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Supporting complex operations with NICE Situator

23 January 2015

In the security blog Why PSIM is gaining new clout across the world, our partner NICE addresses the growing value of their advanced solutions to support complex operations. Cities, ports, transit systems, airports, utilities and other critical infrastructure companies are facing increasing demanding safety and operational challenges. We implement the products of NICE on top of business critical environments to drastically reduce the impact when deviations from regular operations are occurring.

Situations like technical failures, incidents and crises are handled by one platform and according to industry specific standard operating procedures that are embedded within the system. The result is an advanced operator supporting system that leverages all internal systems and data repositories to the maximum extend and is enriched with actionable location intelligence. All situations are thus handled in a repeatable and auditable fashion, with clear definitions of meaningful tasks and roles based on incident type, time and place. This leads to a significant reduction in downtime, a measurable increase in safety levels and a clear communication platform to internal and external stakeholders. The end result is a drastic reduction in operational expenses that provides a relatively fast and measurable return on investment.