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Energy transition and 3D VR/AR

Opportunities in sustainable energy

For many people and companies, the energy transition still feels out of reach. They do want to switch to sustainable energy, but often don’t know how. Presenting all possibilities in an appealing way can help. Geodan does that with Virtual Reality (VR).

From wondering to contributing

Climate change is making it necessary to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. We can all agree on that. However, many Dutch people don’t know how they can contribute to that and what the consequences of switching to sustainable energy are for them. What does it take to install solar panels on all the houses in the neighborhood? What changes will you notice at home if a gigantic wind turbine is installed in your neighborhood? There are reports galore, but they often don’t appeal to the imagination. VR does!

The solution

Involving citizens in shaping their future environment

To have citizens engage into an energy transition, Geodan offers Geomagine®, a data driven view and feel technology that enables just every Dutch local government to create its future environment in 3D Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. This lets people experience a possible futures of their own street in 3D VR or AR, which allows them to experiment and experience what it actually means to rebuild or cover their roofs and generate or share solar power. It’s also possible to adjust such future options in real time. Would you like to know whether you have enough roof space left to fit in an extra solar panel? At the touch of a button, it appears before your eyes and calculates the extra power it will produce.

With the help of location intelligence

Geodan’s 3D VR/AR tools may also support developers of wind farms. The wind turbine planner allows them to exactly show the effects of potential wind turbines to local residents and other stakeholders. And if it turns out that a wind turbine causes to too much shade or sound, alternative locations can be mapped out - with the help of location intelligence and the game development technology of Geomagine®, leading to widely supported decisions.

The result

Getting to work with more energy

Geomagine, Geodans data driven view and feel technology seamlessly merges the real world with - the future of - its virtual counterpart, allowing everyone to experience the options for generating sustainable energy in an immersive way. This just creates a better common operational picture, actively engaging decision makers in setting up green plans for the Netherlands.

F21_HV 2018 August 24 540.jpg

Geodan lets Geomagine® technology create 3D Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to map out the opportunities for generating sustainable energy.


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