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René Bruinink

Geodan Resources: secondment with GIS vision

Business need

Sometimes it is a challenge to have the right people available with the proper GIS skills at the right time. Our GIS secondment service Geodan Resources can help your organisation with this challenge. We employ GIS specialists who can temporarily fill any gaps in capacity or knowledge.

The strength of our secondment service

Geodan Resources offers more than just capacity. You can expect our GIS specialists to add something extra. They will always take a fresh look at the work within your organisation and (where possible) introduce new ideas and new technologies. The following aspects are crucial to our secondment service:

  • Quality: our staff are trained to higher professional education/academic higher education level in geo-ICT, they will provide professional knowledge, commitment, creativity and innovation.
  • Knowledge: our staff regularly participate in internal training courses at Geodan, topic-focussed meetings and workshops. By investing in the knowledge of our staff in that way, our colleagues will stay abreast of the latest developments in the GIS world and your organisation will benefit from that as well.
  • Monitoring: the functioning of our staff is continuously monitored and evaluated.
  • Continuity: we offer you continuity in terms of the staff who assist you. Our resources staff have permanent contracts at Geodan.

Our GIS Specialists

All of our staff are professionals who have studied geo-ICT at academic education level and who have good practical experience. They are fully versed in the GIS subject matter. Before they set to work at your organisation, they will have completed an internal course. During this course, they explore the latest technologies and developments within the GIS world. This enables us to guarantee a solid foundation of professional knowledge.

What are the benefits?

The regular evaluations held with our clients reveal time and time again that our colleagues are highly valued for their commitment, knowledge, pro-active attitudes and enthusiasm for the GEO-ICT. Ultimately, our staff ensure in particular that:

  • the work is performed to our customers satisfaction;
  • a capacity issue is properly resolved;
  • new knowledge and new insights are introduced to your organisation.


Examples of assignments taken on by our staff for different customers:

  • Functional, technical and application support for GIS applications and geo-ICT infrastructures, including: Geoweb, Flamingo, OpenLayers and other GIS web viewers, and Esri products such as ArcMap, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online.
  • Data preparation and data processing in GIS.
  • Cartography, GIS analyses and other hands-on GIS activities in ArcGIS, IRIS, MapInfo, Geomedia, dg Dialog, QGIS.
  • Data conversion processes with, for example, the Data Interoperability Toolkit, FME, Geokettle.
  • GIS software development in various Open and Closed Source environments.
  • GIS advice within your organisation.


Organisations that use Geodan’s GIS secondment service include: the Dienst ICT Uitvoering (ICT Implementation Services) and the Dienst Landelijk Gebied (Government Service for Land and Water Management) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Shell, ProRail, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, various water boards (Delfland, Rijnland, Rivierenland, Aa en Maas, Hollands Noorderkwartier, Brabantse Delta), police regions, the Persgroep media company and various local municipality, such as the local councils of ’s-Hertogenbosch, Den Helder, Wassenaar and Zwolle.