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Vera Bánki

Incident management system at ProRail: increase operational efficiency

About ProRail

ProRail is responsible for the Dutch rail network: construction, maintenance, management and safety. The company has to handle thousands of incidents every year which have to be resolved as quickly as possible to ensure track availability is maximized with the least amount of delays. The incident management system Spoorweb implemented by Geodan at ProRail consists of Geodan’s Eagle Crisis Management Suite in combination with Qognify Situator, an advanced Physical Security Information System (PSIM). This new system supports ProRail’s standard working procedures and is able to manage a wide range of incidents and crises.

For which requirement would this be the solution?

  • How do we limit or eliminate delays caused by incidents?
  • How do we guarantee the highest possible safety standards during incidents and crisis situations?
  • How do we continuously provide all involved parties with the same picture of the situation?

Unique attributes of the solution

The incident management solution for ProRail is characterised by:

  • a substantial reduction in delays caused by incidents;
  • faster handling of incidents and crisis situations;
  • real-time availability of relevant information about incidents and crisis situations;
  • improved cooperation and exchange of information between all involved stakeholders;
  • detailed evaluation capabilities for investigation and process improvement.

How does it work?

In incidents and crises which have the potential to have a significant impact on business continuity, it is important that all involved parties work well together, both at the site of the incident and away from the site. At ProRail, this entails rail-stakeholders internally and externally, but also the fire brigade, police, ambulance services, but also local councils, water boards and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management.

Together, the two products Eagle Crisis Management Suite (CMS) and Qognify Situator form one comprehensive solution, Spoorweb. The system offers a shared picture, which is enriched by actionable geo-information. Spoorweb offers the functionality for scenario-controlled incident handling that is used for incidents that can be dealt with in accordance with standard protocol. Information is merged real-time from various systems within the organisation. At the same time, Spoorweb gives an insight into the status of the measures that are taken and the progress of the incident. This means that everyone is aware of what is happening, where it is happening and how to deal with it.

View the animation to learn how Spoorweb, the incident management solution, by Geodan works in practice.

The incident management solutions by Geodan consist of a combination of location-intelligence, netcentric and scenario driven incident handling.

What are the benefits?

“The solution offered by Geodan and Qognify enables us to introduce netcentric collaboration within the railway sector. Many parties are involved in malfunctions and incidents that affect the railway. Netcentric collaboration makes it possible for all involved parties to continuously see the same picture of the situation. More accurate information is received faster by the stakeholders and decisions can be made more efficiently. The solution of Geodan and Qognify also enables the railway sector to perform relevant post-event evaluation and analyses.” Hans Smits, Manager of Incident Management at ProRail

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