case - Johan Cruijff arena in 3D

Streamlining a large logistical operation

12 countries, 12 stadiums and hundreds of thousands of fans on their way. That’s the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. How do you streamline a logistical operation of this magnitude? It starts with monitoring. A virtual 3D visualization of the Johan Cruijff ArenA and its surroundings can help.

Overview of spectator flow during Euro 2020

Logistics, mobility, safety, energy use: the 12 stadiums hosting Euro 2020 are faced with a lot of challenges. There’s a good chance you lose sight of the big picture and find yourself offside. Because the Johan Cruijff ArenA also wants to score during Euro 2020, the stadium had itself coached up by Geodan.

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The solution

An open sensor platform and virtual 3D Arena

Geodan has developed an open sensor platform that brings together all possible data about the ArenA and its surroundings. This makes it possible, for example, to check how busy certain areas are in real time and whether there is enough security on location, or to predict traffic, so you can open an extra lane or schedule additional trains.

Geodan also made a virtual 3D version of the ArenA and the area around the stadium. This lets you not only monitor the situation, but experience it yourself via Augmented and Virtual Reality. That’s not only useful during the European Championships, but also ahead of time, because these techniques allow the ArenA to prepare for all kinds of scenarios.


When ‘Oranje’ is doing well, you just have to be there

Imagine that ‘our boys’ perform so well, that orange-clad Dutch supporters head towards the stadium en masse. Some might have a ticket, but others won’t. It doesn’t matter: when ‘Oranje’ is doing well, you just have to be there. Even outside the stadium, if needs be. How do you monitor that and create order in this happy chaos? The 3D version of the stadium lets the ArenA practice with similar situations.