Board of Directors

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Henk ScholtenHenk Scholten

“The issues facing us today are becoming increasingly complex, whether these concern modifications of the changing climate, the development of our space, or the management of our infrastructure. We can only respond to these issues if we share knowledge from different disciplines and if we have the correct information. I am of the opinion that, at Geodan, in the past few years we have been able to lay a solid foundation for this.

We have colleagues from all possible disciplines and we use ‘location’ as an overarching concept to integrate, analyse and visualise information. During the past almost 30 years, we have managed to become a reliable partner for both the government and the business community. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to lead an organisation like this.”

Co-founder of Geodan and responsible for: innovation and research. Professor of Spatial Informatics at the Free University of Amsterdam.

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Evert MeijerEvert Meijer

“I find it fascinating how the combination of geography and information technology has developed since I studied  human geography at the VU University Amsterdam and when Geodan was founded in 1985. It is becoming increasingly apparent that geo-ICT will play an important role in resolving social issues.

It is fantastic to lead the way with innovation and to create appropriate solutions with enthusiastic and passionate colleagues. For supermarkets and public authorities or from environmental institutes to the fight against deforestation in Borneo.”

Co-founder of Geodan and responsible for: finances

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Theo ThewessenTheo Thewessen

“The power of Geodan is that we are able to innovate. It is great to see that we are repeatedly able to serve new markets with new concepts and technologies. The ‘power of location’ is now generally acknowledged. I clearly remember that, during my degree in Wageningen (and I am talking about 1987), the word GIS wasn’t even in existence. Now ‘location’ is used everywhere and you can contribute to it yourself.

For example, as a cartographer/GPSer, whilst cycling on my mountain bike in Brabant, I try to map out as many beautiful unpaved paths and roads as I can and to share these on the Internet. Something that until recently we thought was impossible.

How the GIS world will look in 25 years time? I think that ‘location’ will then be even more important in our daily lives. But then in what form…who knows? In any case, I do believe that Geodan will still have a role to play!”

Responsible for: operations. Lector of Location Intelligence at HAS-hogeschool ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

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Henri van MilHenri van Mil

“Small things, ordinary and close at hand, can make me very happy. The beauty and simplicity of nature, the depth and connection that you suddenly reach by just having a conversation. Those things move me.

Something that also moves me is the unprecedented enthusiasm and passion of many Geodan colleagues. From day one, they have moved me. Something I think is great is that here ‘together’ also actually means together”. It is a way of working in which we give one another space. That is not only enduring, but also future-proof. The enthusiasm also means that, not only do we want to passionately make beautiful things, but we also like to take the lead and are always looking for technological innovations that can really help a customer.’

Responsible for: sales and marketing

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