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Vision of partnerships

At Geodan we believe that teamwork forms the basis for success. Along with our partners, we create unique added value for our customers. Value that will take them further and distinguish them from others. All based on geo-information. In order to create a valuable solution for users, location is a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Also required is knowledge of business processes or of specific technology or software. By working with partners, we combine the right knowledge and skills to create values that our customers really need.

We believe it is important that our partners really fit in with us and that we fit in with them. The main priority is that teamwork really is teamwork. Working as a team, understanding one another and having the same sort of DNA. Because, ultimately, working with partners is just the same as working with people.

Business partner

  • Qognify
  • BAM Infratechniek Telecom
  • Genetics

Software/technology partner

  • Esri Nederland
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Microsoft

Research/innovation partner

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • TNO


  • TomTom
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Qognify


    Geodan and Qognify – Formerly NICE Security are working together on incident and crisis management. Qognify offer solutions, including Qognify Situator, that integrates, analyses and combines real-time large quantities of data from various sources. For example, telephones, mobile apps, e-mails, chat, social media and video. The Qognify Situator incident management system in combination with Geodan’s Eagle Crisis Management Suite is an integrated solution for companies that manage critical infrastructures and that deal frequently with a wide range of small and large incidents.

    NICE platinum partner

    In spring 2015 Geodan was nominated as authorized Qognify – Formerly NICE Security Platinum Partner. In 2012 Geodan has been named by NICE Systems as Partner of the Year, in the category ‘Most Innovative Solution’.

    Read more here about the joint solution for incident management at rail operator ProRail

  • BAM Infratechniek Telecom

    BAM Infratechniek

    Under the name of Geodan Van den Berg (in Dutch), since 2008 Geodan and BAM Infratechniek Telecom have jointly focussed on the Construction & Infrastructure sector. The added value is in the unusual combination of knowledge in construction/underground infrastructures (BAM Infratechniek Telecom) and location information and geo-information systems (Geodan). For example, for this sector Geodan Van den Berg has developed sustainable tools for integrating and accessing digital and location information.

  • Genetics


    Geodan and Genetics (in Dutch) work together to relieve organisations such as the Regional Implementation Offices (RUDs), water boards and the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management of tasks relating to licensing, supervision and enforcement. Within this partnership, Geodan and Genetics have combined their knowledge and experience in the online licensing, supervision and enforcement solution Geonetics. A business-orientated solution that has good geographic support. This enables Geonetics to offer geographic intelligence which makes licensing, supervision and enforcement processes simpler, faster and better.

  • Esri


    Geodan and Esri Nederland (in Dutch) have worked together intensively for more than ten years. Geodan is a Silver partner and very experienced in implementations on the Esri platform. The added value is mainly their joint extensive experience in combining GIS innovations and applications on a strong platform. This has resulted in a number of powerful products. For example, Geodan and Esri Nederland have developed (amongst other things) the ArcGIS product suite for the water market for Water Mobile. This ‘cloud solution’ for the water boards will cut down on a lot of the everyday management that is required.

  • Pitney Bowes

    Pitney Bowes Software

    Geodan supplies standard GIS Software by Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Professional. Geodan recommends this software to customers who employ one or more specialists who regularly perform increasingly different geographic analyses.

    Read more about the product here MapInfo Professional

  • Microsoft


    Geodan is a ‘Microsoft ‘Gold Partner’. The strength of the partnership is mainly evident in a number of innovations by Geodan based on the Microsoft platform. For example, in 2010, Geodan was named by Microsoft as the global ‘Partner of the Year’ in the ‘Public sector’ category: Public Order and Security’ for Eagle, Geodan’s crisis management solution. In 2013, Microsoft sponsored the first Geodesign Summit Europe which was initiated by Geodan.

    Read more here about the crisis management solution Eagle

  • VU University Amsterdam

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Science and working practice reinforce one another. That is the thinking behind the intensive collaboration and exchange of knowledge between Geodan and the SPINlab at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)

    The SPINlab is the GIS research centre of the VU. Geodesign, EduGIS, the Geomarketing Knowledge Centre (GKC) and the touch table are a few concepts that have arisen from the collaboration between Geodan and the VU. In addition, Geodan staff and researchers at the SPINlab find one another through joint conferences, doctoral research projects and educational activities.

    Read more here about our joint projects on the research page

  • TNO


    TNO and Geodan work together using the latest technologies and geo-information on innovations in the field of spatial planning. For example, in information provision-based projects about energy and mineral resources. We also work together on the sustainable development and organisation of free space in order to be able to live comfortably in a densely-populated country. By linking together the spatial calculation model Urban Strategy (TNO) with the easy to operate touch table application Phoenix (Geodan), in an easy and accessible way, various stakeholders can be involved in different sustainability issues.

    Read more here about our joint projects on the research page

  • TomTom

    Geodan is using the location and navigation products of the TomTom. TomTom Geospatial  is the division of TomTom dedicated to delivering high-quality data to business customers. Geodan developes solutions like Routes and traveltimes, using these data.

    Read more about the product Routes and traveltimes

  • OpenStreetMap (OSM)

    In developing solutions Geodan uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) to collect data. OpenStreetMap is a worldwide cooperation aimed at collecting geographical data.