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All construction permits in one overview

Spatial projects often require a lot permits. With Geodan's toolbox for permit management, construction companies or engineering firms can quickly and systematically browse all relevant regulations of all authorities, helping to prevent unnecessary costs and delays.

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Construction companies and engineering firms have to deal with a large number of major projects, which always require permits from municipalities, water boards, provinces, and the national government. Besides, every location has its own, specific rules, which is why it can be useful to browse all relevant permits quickly and systematically.


Permit management toolbox

Geodan’s permit management solutions are ideal for large projects. With the Legal Rule Engine Pro , you simply draw the project onto a map, resulting in a complete list of all permits that may be of importance in the specified environment - for example for building, demolition, cutting, digging, and discharging. The specialist makes a relevant selection for the project in question and can then immediately proceed to applying for the required permits.

For specific permit questions during a project, there’s the Vergunningchecker Bouw (Construction Legal Rule Engine), which allows environmental managers or work planners to quickly check whether a tree standing in the way is allowed to be cut down, or if, for example, it has been classified as a monument.


The Legal Rule Engine Pro contains all permits from all authorities and provides a quick project-based overview

The pros

Why the Permit management toolbox?

  • Clear permits

    All required permits in one quick overview
  • Up-to-date information at all times

    Always up-to-date legal information by our team of legal experts.
  • Saving money and time

    Saving money and time with sound risk management
  • Easy to integrate

    Easy to integrate into existing systems

Work faster with greater certainty

Because all current permits from all authorities are included in the Legal Rule Engines, the chance that you’ll miss something is almost zero. On top of that, it takes much less time to comb through legislation. We constantly expand our tools based on market demand, so we can guarantee that they’re always up-to-date and reliable.


All required permits in one quick overview

Building homes, constructing roads, repairing dikes: Heijmans is always working on a large number of construction projects throughout the country, which often requires many permits from different authorities. But which ones? With Geodan's toolbox for permit management, it’s a piece of cake to find out quickly and systematically. This helps prevent extra costs and delays.


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