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Digital Twinning & Geomagine

Exploring, assessing, and experiencing the future

Looking to plan and develop a new, energy-neutral neighborhood, or initiating a future traffic situation in a city with sustainability ambitions? Aiming to immersively experience an urgent mobility problem from an interactive, first person perspective? Geomagine’s experience technology doesn’t only provide reproducable future insights, but also lets you explore, assess and immersively experience this future.

Paper becomes digital

Data on particulate matter, noise, the shadow effect of a new residential tower... the world around us is producing more and more data. At Geodan, we turn all that separate data into useful information. And that’s not all. Bringing all that information together in one digital world even lets us create a replica of reality: We call it Digital Twinning. 

Sound, well-tested plans!

Urban development, planning and citizen participation; Geodan Digital Twinning supports various challenges in the physical environment. Using smart models, we can quickly calculate the impact of all kinds of future plans and scenarios, and visualize them in 2D as well as 3D. In addition, the plans and various scenarios are automatically checked against current legislation and regulations, such as zoning plans.

Geomagine view and feel technology

New buildings, neighborhoods, or access roads: Geodan Digital Twinning lets us see what our future will look like and whether our plans will live up to everyone’s needs and wishes. We might wonder, though, how pedestrians will experience the new station square at night, and whether the roundabout we’ve planned will actually feel as safe as we thought during the design process. Geodan has answers to those questions as well.

How does it smell and feel here?

Seeing is believing, but Geomagine’s experience technology goes one step further! Thanks to its data driven 3D VR/AR technology, you can experience the future reality in true-to-life fashion, even before it’s there. This lets an alderman or planner really experience the mobility challenge in a city or municipality, but also allows them to go out and explore, discovering the consequences of new traffic scenarios with their own eyes.

From objection to involvement

Geomagine can be used by multiple stakeholders at the same time and is very valuable in stimulating citizen participation. It can be used, for instance, to create wider support for installation of wind turbines near a residential area. By using actual turbine replicas and mathematical models for noise, lines of sight and weather conditions, residents can immersively experience the future situation, like it was already there. What does Geomagine look like? Sound like? Feel like? Just put on that VR headset and grab your controllers!

Customer Benefits

Why Geomagine?

  • Virtual 3D worlds

    Pre-creating visions without limitations. In a virtual 3D world.
  • Flexible

    Available as a temporary service or as a subscription
  • Real-time updates

    Real-time updates of all data, models, rules, repositories and algorithms, including datafied legislation.

An easy and affordable service program

Geomagine comes as a complete Reality-as-a-Service program for local governments and their citizens. You pay per use, over a certain period of time, rather than buying a permanent tool. If you’d like to maintain a 3D Geomagine canvas for a longer period, we can also provide Geomagine with a service contract. Check out the brochure


Don’t wait for the future to happen. Choose Geomagine to pre-create it for you.


Lose the cardboard models

The city of Zaanstad works on urban improvement on a day-to-day basis and likes to have its citizens participate in the process. However, spending an evening together in a local community house will not be sufficient to do this on a wide scale. That’s why the council is currently considering visualizing their urban scenarios in Virtual Reality.

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Products and services


Geodan offers handy tools for the local government sector.

All products
For a good estimate of the opportunities or potential turnover, you want to know exactly where your potential clients are. We take care of that.
Our datasets and services offer all sorts of valuable information, ranging from insight into the number of stories in a building to predicting stop times.
The Phoenix touchtable application lets your team work on policy plans as one, on one map that contains all information. Phoenix allows for effective collaboration on spatial issues.
Working on the energy transition with good energy and the right insights. Geodan’s Energy Transition Viewer is a valuable tool in the process for programme managers and energy advisors to make the transition succesfully.

Geodan has two branches in the Netherlands

One location in Amsterdam and one in 's-Hertogenbosch. The general mailing and visiting address is President Kennedylaan 1, 1079 MB Amsterdam.


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