Legal Rule Engine

One overview for all permits for your location

Permits: The Netherlands is full of them and they lead to a lot of ambiguity and work, but there’s something we can do. The Legal Rule Engine displays all requirements in one handy overview at lightning speed. Aside from that, the tool also helps you with your application, making sure that everything is filled in efficiently and completely. This saves time and frustration, for both the applicant and the issuer. From citizens to contractors, and from municipalities to water boards.

The quick check

The Legal Rule Engine lets permit applicants see exactly which of the 4,500 different permits in the Netherlands apply to his situation within 30 minutes. This helps prevent superfluous applications and makes life easier for everyone. Besides, it prevents a lot of phone calls and questions: a big gain for the issuing authority.

Complete and efficient


Once it’s clear which permits or notifications are required, it’s time for the next step: applying. Our Legal Rule Engine is linked to the Vergunningintaker (Permit Intaker). With this tool, companies and individuals can immediately apply for their licenses online, smartly linking the right questions and required forms to the various requirements. This way, the applications are almost always complete and there is only contact between the applicant and the issuing authority in case of lack of clarity. And that saves time!

The pros

Why the Legal Rule Engine?

  • Clear

    All required permits in one quick overview
  • Always up-to-date

    Always up-to-date legal information by our team of legal experts.
  • Independence

    Independence for companies and citizens regarding license applications
  • Environmental Planning Bill-proof

    Completely in line with the plans of the Environmental Planning Bill

Always have up-to-date information


We make smart combinations between different information flows. That’s our added value. Thanks to our extensive database, we know exactly which requirements apply at which locations. That way, we don’t only take municipal, provincial, and national rules into account, but we also include Dutch water boards in our Legal Rule Engine. We conduct legal checks on all our data and keep the Legal Rule Engine up-to-date. Because with the Legal Rule Engine and Intaker, you don’t buy a product, but a service that makes the whole process easier.

With the Legal Rule Engine and Intaker, companies and individuals can efficiently and easily apply for the right permits. Less contact is required, saving time and money.







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Quickly apply for a permit at Stichtse Rijnlanden

Do you live in Utrecht or surroundings? And do you want to build a jetty or extend your house on the water? It’s possible that you need to apply for a permit at water authority Stichtse Rijnlanden of the municipality. The Legal Rule Engine gives you an easy way to find out if you can get started with your building plans.

case - Stichtse Rijnlanden vergunningaanvraag
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Working on the energy transition with good energy and the right insights. Geodan’s Energy Transition Viewer is a valuable tool in the process for programme managers and energy advisors to make the transition succesfully.

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