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Towards energy-neutral living

To reduce the stress on our climate, we must transition to circular, energy-neutral construction practices that don’t require natural gas over the next few decades. In the Netherlands, we’re already hard at work, but large-scale developments are few and far between. Why is that? And what can we do about it? With PICO, an online data platform that accurately captures the opportunities for energy-neutral living, Geodan shows exactly what we can do.

Out with fossil fuels! But how?

Climate change leaves us no choice: we have to say goodbye to fossil fuels once and for all and embrace sustainable sources of energy, such as wind and solar. That also means we have to welcome them into our homes. Housing corporations have been doing so for a while, but we need to pick up speed. Just installing a solar panel here and a heat pump over there won’t get us to where we need to be. The big question is: How can we ensure that entire residential districts move away from natural gas and conventional energy. PICO, an online Geodan data platform that’s accessible to everyone, maps out the answers.




  • Clarity

    Mapping out opportunities for renewable energy
  • Expanded

    Uses different data sources, such as basic registries, socio-economic data, energy consumption data, and energy models
  • Many map layers

    Contains a large number of map layers
  • Accessible

    Freely accessible for everyone
  • Always up-to-date

    Constantly updated with new data, models, and functionalities

From a school to a sustainable energy supplier for the entire neighborhood

Insight into energy

Every area in the Netherlands presents its own opportunities for sustainable energy generation. PICO grants insight into these opportunities. For example, it’s better to start in a district where there is space for heat pumps and where natural gas pipes are already in need of replacement, but it’s just as important to investigate which parties can capitalize on these opportunities together. As such, a housing corporation will have to meet with an energy supplier if it wants to construct a heating network.

PICO is also a solution for individuals who are looking for ways to make their homes more sustainable. Using the platform, they might discover that a nearby school has a large flat roof, for instance, making it the perfect place for solar panels, and that there are homes owned by a housing corporation in the area that can benefit from these panels. All that’s left is to put two and two together: the Association of Owners contacts the housing corporation to turn the school into a sustainable energy source.

Building sustainable land faster

With PICO, initiators of sustainable projects can quickly and easily see how to shape the energy transition on a larger scale, saving time and money. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost energy, but generates it!

Products and services


Geodan offers handy tools for the local government sector.

All products and services
For a good estimate of the opportunities or potential turnover, you want to know exactly where your potential clients are. We take care of that.
Our datasets and services offer all sorts of valuable information, ranging from insight into the number of stories in a building to predicting stop times.
The Phoenix touchtable application lets your team work on policy plans as one, on one map that contains all information. Phoenix allows for effective collaboration on spatial issues.
Digital Twinning and Geomagine’s experience technology don’t only provide reliable insight into the world we want to develop, but also let you explore, try out, and experience this world.
Working on the energy transition with good energy and the right insights. Geodan’s Energy Transition Viewer is a valuable tool in the process for programme managers and energy advisors to make the transition succesfully.

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