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  • Sep 2012

    Discussiemiddag Boomdata

    Tree database

    All tree information as 2D and 3D objects

    Discussiemiddag Boomdata

    In the Tree Database, Geodan, NEO and Wageningen UR have mapped out all of the trees in the Netherlands. The tree-related data is stored in such a way that these can be used as either 2D or 3D objects. The file is derived directly from the second version of the National Height Model of the Netherlands (AHN2) and is available to anyone.

    How does it work?

    The tree-related data – the location of the tree, the height of the tree, crown projection, trunk height and tree crown volume – extracted from the AHN2, are incorporated further so that all incorrectly identified objects can be removed. As well as ‘producing’ the trees, Geodan, NEO and WUR also developed a Trees Information Model that plugs into the Information Model Geography (IMGEO). On the website (in Dutch), all of this tree-related data is combined so that anyone can find information about all of the trees in an area free of charge.

    Unique attributes

    • A comprehensive set of tree parameters ensures that the list is complete and up-to-date.
    • Many areas of applications, including: municipal land management, studies into the urban climate and fine particles capture, visualisation of urban designs.
    • Time and cost efficient way of storing and using data.

    Read more about the Tree database in this article (in Dutch)

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