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Response time to track incidents reduced by 60%

4 June 2015

The use of location intelligence in incident management at ProRail is fruitful.

Since the implementation in 2014 of SpoorWeb, an incident management system enhanced with location data and big data, ProRail has reduced the response time to incidents by 60%. This system enables ProRail to respond faster and better to incident notifications, meaning incidents and calamities can be addressed more rapidly. Geodan was responsible for the implementation of SpoorWeb at ProRail, which was conducted with partner NICE Systems.

Approximately ten thousand disruptions occur on and around the track each year, from technical failures and incidents to crisis situations, which are dealt with centrally from the Operational Control Centre Rail (OCCR) in Utrecht. SpoorWeb, the incident management solution of Geodan-NICE, enables ProRail to manage these incidents from a single integrated information and communication platform, in which, based on location intelligence and the specific features of the incident, the most appropriate incident-handling scenario can be determined in real-time.

Emergency services quickly alerted

SpoorWeb ensures that, during an emergency, all relevant parties, such as emergency services, are quickly alerted and are given the fastest route. The system also offers one central platform to share and exchange, in real-time, relevant information about an incident and its further progress, to guarantee effective communication and a coordinated approach. The solution for ProRail is based on a combination of Geodan’s scenario-driven crisis management system and NICE’s incident management system Situator.

Within 4 minutes, all relevant parties have been informed

“Since the implementation of the Geodan-NICE solution, we have been able to reduce the intake time by 60%. Nowadays, after an incident is reported, almost all relevant parties are informed within 4 minutes whereas in the past this would have taken on average 14 minutes. That means that considerable time will be saved each year, and ultimately travellers will notice that too”, said Hans Smits, Director of Incident Management at ProRail. According to Smits, this project has a considerable impact on operational effectiveness. “SpoorWeb enables us to deal with each incident, irrespective of its nature or the on duty operator, faster, more effectively and at a high level of quality.”

Savings in terms of both time and money

For this ambitious project, Geodan collaborated with the leading company NICE, which enables organisations to work more smartly using situation management solutions based on big data. Henri van Mil, Director of Sales & Marketing at Geodan, is satisfied with the collaboration and the results. “Through SpoorWeb, not only is it easier for ProRail to apply the safety scenarios, but the system also results in savings in terms of both time and money. This project is an excellent example of how we can support the business-critical activities of leading vital infrastructure organisations.”

The benefit comes from the combination of expertise from both companies: the use of situation management by NICE and location intelligence by Geodan to prevent and combat incidents. This greatly improves the operational efficiency and therefore costs are saved. And that is essential for all companies and organisations responsible for vital infrastructure, such as harbours, airports, rail infrastructure companies, the petrochemical industry and authorities.

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