Addresses and Buildings

Contains all addresses and buildings in the Netherlands, based on the BAG


  • Location analysis: what types of buildings are located in the vicinity of a point of interest? What are those buildings used for and in which year were they constructed?
  • Target group selection: where can the addresses of, for example, shops or food and beverage outlets be found?
  • Construction plans: where has planning permission been requested and granted?
  • Property: where is our property located and how is this distributed?
  • Risk analysis: where are the homes from ‘poorer’ years of construction located, so that I can estimate risk relating to maintenance or insurance?
    How does it work?

How does it work?

The database of Addresses and Buildings in the Netherlands (AGN) contains all of the addresses and properties in the Netherlands, including a number of interesting attributes relating to these addresses and buildings (such as year of construction and the intended use). This is based on the BAG (Basic Register of Addresses and Buildings); every local council in the Netherlands has to report any changes to this Register within four days.

Unique attributes of the AGN

  • The most accurate and up-to-date address database in the Netherlands.
  • The following details are available for each address: address details, surfaces areas, intended use and neighbourhood code.
  • The contour and the year of construction is available for all properties.
  • The locations of moorings (house boats) and fixed sites (caravans) are known.
  • The BAG-ID allows this to be seamlessly linked to your own BAG address databases.
  • It is possible to combine this with all sorts of other databases, which would enable, for example, building heights or roof types to be determined.
  • Geographic selections possible from any arbitrary area.

What are the benefits?

  • Identify consumer addresses/letter boxes.
  • Identify addresses of competitors and other interesting buildings, such as shops and schools.
  • Identify building types.
  • An insight into the places where construction is taking place.
  • Your own property compared to that of your competitors or ‘peer competitors’.
  • Identify high-risk areas or addresses.

Also of interest

  • Points of Interest: points of interest, such as cash machines, petrol stations, museums, theatres, schools and stations. Available for the Netherlands and other European countries.
  • Sales outlets: the addresses of all shops and service providers in the Netherlands.
  • Geocoding: take stock of your addresses. Available for the Netherlands and other countries in Europe.

Conditions relating to Addresses and Buildings in the Netherlands

Depending on the type of use and the number of users, we use various types of licences. Please ask us about the conditions applicable to your usage. All of the prices that are given exclude VAT and are subject to change.

Addresses and Buildings in the Netherlands

  • Version: January 2016
  • Update frequency: twelve times a year
  • Price: geographic selection from € 500.00
  • Can geographic selections be made?: yes
  • Shape, Mapinfo, TXT, CSV, DBF

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