Map out your data


  • Edit geographic data: how do I ensure that my maps contain correct and current information?
  • Complex spatial questions: what impact will our plans have on the surrounding area?
  • Distribution of information: how do I ensure that everyone can use my geographic information?
  • Current and efficient: how am I guaranteed to have the very latest, correct data and how do I perform quick analyses?

Esri Gold Partner

Geodan is a Gold Partner of Esri and provide services of all products from the ArcGIS platform: ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS for Mobile. Please contact us for more information or for a demonstration.

What is it and how does it work?

Using the ArcGIS desktop software, you can manage and maintain your spatial data. You can also use ArcGIS to analyse and visualise spatial patterns in data sets.

Within ArcGIS you organise data in various map layers and you can link your own data to that. (Spatial) patterns which you had not seen before in texts, tables and charts become apparent by this data being displayed on a map. The analysis functions of the software allow you to, for example:

  • make selections based on specific attributes;
  • make selections based on proximity or accessibility;
  • divide regions based on your criteria;
  • collect data spatially.

Unique attributes

  • The ArcGIS platform is a collection of software products for desktop, cloud (web) and mobile that are perfectly attuned to one another. ArcGIS is a scalable platform and there is scope for growth when your organisation grows.
  • The enhanced functionality of the software enables you to extract all spatial information from your own data. This enables you to take better decisions, meaning you can avoid risks and improve effectiveness.
  • Using extensions (plug-ins), you can add extra functionalities, such as visualising three-dimensional data and analysing raster data.
  • Using the ModelBuilder you can automate tasks even without programming knowledge.
  • Customised applications can be programmed using standard programming techniques.

What are the benefits?

  • The extensive functionality of the software allows you to extract all information available in your data. These new insights give you a competitive advantage (amongst other things).
  • The publication options provided by the software and the connection with the ArcGIS platform ensure that up-to-date and correct geographic information finds it way to the person that needs it. All stakeholders have the same picture, allowing more efficient and better decisions to be made.
  • Savings in terms of time because repeatable geographic operations can be automated.

Also of interest

  • Geodan Maps: online geographic data to use in ArcGIS for Desktop.
  • Offline geographic data.

Conditions relating to ArcGIS

Depending on the type of use and the number of users, we use various types of licences. Please ask us about the conditions applicable to your usage. All of the prices that are given exclude VAT and are subject to change.

ArcGIS for Desktop

  • Version: 10.2
  • Update frequency: approximately once a year
  • Price: from € 2,471.00

Types of licence

In terms of the licence, you have two options:

  • Single use: you install the software on a PC or laptop. The licence is registered on the same machine.
  • Concurrent use: you install the software on various PCs or laptops. You register the licence on a licence server. All machines on which ArcGIS is used connect to the licence server. The maximum number of concurrent users equals the number of licences purchased. ‘Concurrent use’ licences are more expensive, but more efficient to use.