Eagle CMS

Netcentric collaboration with the Eagle Crisis Management System


  • Manage an incident or crisis as quickly as possible in order to limit the number of victims and (economic) impact. This not only covers large scale disasters, but also small incidents that arise during regular operations.
  • Ensure fast access to relevant information for all involved stakeholders.
  • Need for up-to-date Common Operational Picture: linking (geo-) information sources in order to perform fast and accurate assessments for the purpose of operational use and decision-making.
  • Repeatable work processes that support the operators to efficiently handle each pre-defined incident according to established standard operating procedures.

What is it and how does it work?

Eagle Crisis Management Suite (CMS) is an integrated system for the different phases of incident and crisis management: from the time that a notification is received to the evaluation of the incident or the crisis. Eagle CMS is suitable for incident and crisis control centres of, for example, railway companies, airports, environmental services, safety regions and control rooms. The system has automated scenarios that are activated when there is a certain type of incident, for example, a tunnel fire. All relevant information sources are linked together. This gives all operators that work with Eagle CMS the same up-to-date picture of the situation meaning there is no ambiguity whilst the incident is being dealt with. Eagle CMS allows geographic analyses to be performed, such as calculating the number of inhabitants within a certain radius of the incident or the existence of hazardous goods within the vicinity of the incident. Integration with the global leader in advanced Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems provides additional capabilities that help drive an organization towards operational excellence.

Unique attributes

  • Translates complex work processes into clear tasks and information for each type of incident and therefore accelerates the time it takes to deal with incidents.
  • Incidents are handled in pre-determined manner using clear business process models. Standard operating procedures are embedded in the system.
  • Seamless transition from incident to crisis-management within the same platform.
  • Leveraging variety of (geo-)information sources to enable a comprehensive incident and crisis management system.
  • The netcentric way of collaborating provides a shared and up-to-date picture of the situation.
  • Unlock actionable location intelligence to further enrich the common operational picture.

What are the benefits?

  • A significant reduction in operational downtime caused by incidents and crises.
  • Repeatable workflows allow each specific incident to be handled in similar manner, resulting in better prognosis statistics.
  • Ability to respond more effectively and accurately with the right assets and resources.
  • Instant availability of relevant and real-time information.
  • Same platform and user interface when scaling up from incident to crisis management.
  • Improved cooperation between stakeholders, both internally and externally.
  • Extensive possibilities for evaluating how incidents and crises have been dealt with, which can be used to further refine standard operating procedures.
  • Bottom line: lower operational expenditures that are sustainable.

Curious about what Eagle CMS could add to your organisation?

It is vital that crisis and control centres quickly have accurate information to hand. The Eagle Crisis Management Suite (CMS) enables you to easily combine different sources of information and in the event of an incident, all stakeholders have the same picture of the situation. Curious about what Eagle CMS could add to your organisation? We would be pleased to provide you with a demonstration.

Different types of Eagle CMS users

  • Vital infrastructures
  • Water boards
  • Ministries
  • Environmental services

Technical details of Eagle CMS

Web-based application and the platform works independently.


For pricing information, please contact Geodan at info@geodan.com.