European data

European postcode districts, NUTS regions, travel times between postcodes, street base maps


  • Travel times: calculate how quickly you can travel from point A to point B within Europe.
  • Accessibility: determine the number of customers or prospective customers located within your company’s catchment area.
  • Analysis: which areas are interesting as potential sites?
  • Delineate districts: optimise delineation of European sales or distribution districts.

What is it and how does it work?

Geodan offers various types of European data, along with all required countries and corresponding postcodes.

  • Travel times table (Drive Time Matrix, DTM) of each individual country, combination of a number of countries or of the whole of Europe. In a travel times table, the travel time and the corresponding distance by road from and to every postcode.
  • Travel times table for Europe with the travel times and distances between all 2-digit postcodes in Europe.
  • Postcode and local council maps and also roads and reference map layers for all European countries. A commonly used source is the EuroStreets range developed by Geodan which is based on TomTom data. In addition to the postcode maps for each country, there is a 2-digit postcode map for the whole of Europe.
  • NUTS level 3 regions: Eurostat European statistical administrative area divisions.

Unique attributes

  • For every European country, a complete set of geographic data.
  • Travel times matrix between all required countries and corresponding postcodes.
  • Option to alter the speeds in the travel times matrix.
  • Online map services and physical datasets can be combined.

What are the benefits?

  • Insight into the travel times within Europe, to check, for example, travel expense claims.
  • Insight into the spatial patterns of own data, irrespective of the level at which the data have been collected (postcode, local council, NUTS).
  • By mapping out your territory or districts, you prevent unnecessary duplication and competition between companies.

Also of interest

  • EuroBoundaryMap/EuroRegionalMap: European data that is collected by Eurogeographics.

Conditions relating to European data

Depending on the type of use and the number of users, we use various types of licences. Please ask us about the conditions applicable to your usage. All of the prices that are given exclude VAT and are subject to change.

The following applies to the majority of data:

  • Version: 2015
  • Update frequency: once a year
  • Price: Travel times table Europe (PC2) from € 1,475.00; 2-digit postcode map Europe from € 700.00; NUTS3 regions Europe from € 700.00
  • Can geographic selections be made?: no

Prices of postcode maps, local council maps and Drive Time Matrices (DTM) of individual European countries are available on request.