Online geographic services based on fair use


  • Use: use spatial information within your organization or intensify the use of this information.
  • No restrictions or hidden costs: do not be restricted by the limits imposed by the free use of, for example, Google Maps.
  • Pay for what you use: fair use model.
  • More intuitive: improve your CMS, CRM and BI with spatial information.

What is it and how does it work?

GeodanMaps give you access to a wide range of public (generic) services. GeodanMaps also provide an excellent basis for developing solutions to suit your specific business environment. Consider, for example:

  • data services, such as base maps and thematic map overlays;
  • function-based services, such as geocoding, routing, delineation of districts and reporting;
  • client-based services, such as plug-ins for Esri, MapInfo and web applications to which geo-visualisation has to be added.

GeodanMaps support your company-critical systems. The services are available 24/7 and you pay for the services after these have been used. Would you like to be able to manage your company data when away from the office? If so, we will store this for you in a Private Cloud. Geodan manages and maintains all services; data sets are automatically periodically updated. GeodanMaps are supplied from a secure environment.

Unique attributes

  • The very latest data available 24/7; from public (generic) services to company-specific solutions.
  • No licence costs; payment after use.
  • Company information is stored securely.
  • Add maps to your own app(lication) without handing over the control of these.
  • Based on almost 30 years of experience with geo.

What are the benefits?

  • Immediate cost savings, because you do not have to invest in data and software licences.
  • Limited costs for company-wide use and clarity about the ownership rights and security of non-public company data.
  • The option to easily improve existing services and systems with spatial information/maps.

Would you like to use GeodanMaps too?

Would you like to use geo-services without being tied to a multi-year contract? Only pay for the information that you actually use and always have the latest versions of datasets available to you? GeodanMaps would be perfect for you. Please contact us for more information.

Conditions relating to GeodanMaps

Using the GeodanMaps API geo-services can be integrated with (existing) web applications. The following tools are available to support this:

  • JavaScript library, to access the web services;
  • API description for reuse;
  • previewer with basic functionality to display and consult information.