Marketing data

Household brands at postcode level


  • Target group analysis: what is my target group like and where is it located?
  • Marketing strategy: where can I find the largest concentration of potential customers in order to be able to effectively deploy my marketing and sales efforts?
  • Location analysis: which areas offer potential for opening a new business location? In which regions am I most successful and what does this mean to me?
  • Leafleting: in which areas is leafleting the most effective?
  • Catchment areas: how can I optimally arrange my territories on the basis of, for example, the number of households in the target group?

What is it and how does it work?

Marketing data comprises of a large number of characteristics at 4 position postcode level. Characteristics concern, among other things, data about income, composition of the family, rented and owner-occupied housing and car ownership. You can use this table data in analyses and represent these in charts. Furthermore, by enriching (having enriched) your personal customers file with various consumer characteristics you can acquire insight into who your current customers are and determine your target group with this.

Unique attributes

  • A very large number of characteristics at postcode level for an attractive price.
  • Geodan has translated the District and Neighbourhood Characteristics of the Central Statistical office for you by means of a geographical linking to the 4 position postcode level. The actual location of the residential nucleus and the density of addresses have been taken into account hereby.
  • Other characteristics at postcode level are also deliverable upon request.

What are the benefits?

  • A clear customer profile through insight into the characteristics of your target group.
  • A more effective marketing policy attuned to the specific characteristics of your target group in each region.
  • Your plans for the location of new business premises will be substantiated by concrete argumentation and figures.
  • Savings on your marketing budget by exclusively leafleting where potential customers are present.
  • Territories optimally divided for each representative/field staff member into an equal number of (potential) customers.

Also of interest

  • Consumer and lifestyle data. Hundreds of household characteristics at various postcode levels, ranging from visits to shops to credit card ownership, hobbies and pets.

Conditions relating to Marketing data

Depending on the type of use and the number of users, we use various types of licences. Please ask us about the conditions applicable to your usage. All of the prices that are given for the street maps exclude VAT and are subject to change.

  • Version: 2016
  • Update frequency: Once a year
  • Price: from € 1.450.00
  • Can geographic selections be made?: no

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