Touch table application for spatial cooperation

IssuesPhoenix film 2014

  • Effective communication: share information and ideas on spatial topics.
  • Spatial overview: all the necessary maps within a hand’s reach.
  • Simple: everyone can participate.

What is it and how does it work?

Phoenix is a touch table application that accelerates and improves group processes for spatial issues. The application combines the simplicity of working with pencils and paper maps with the flexibility provided by a digital work environment and the capabilities of a GIS (Geographical Information System). The use of Phoenix leads to more involvement and better informed decisions, thus saving time, energy and paper. The application proved its added value in practice, ranging from local citizen participation to international negotiations. Phoenix is the most commonly used touch table GIS product in the Netherlands. Geodan provides Phoenix including product support and Touch Tables.

Unique attributes

  • Simple communication tool which enables you clearly present all geographic data, to place these on top of one another and draw on these on a touch table.
  • Intuitive touch control.
  • Can easily be connected to your geo-infrastructure with mapping services.
  • Phoenix can be used immediately and does not require specific knowledge of GIS.
  • Easy control by connecting it to various Cloud Services offered by Geodan.

What are the benefits?

  • Savings in time through effective communication.
  • Better informed decisions.
  • A creative boost to spatial processes.
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Curious about what Phoenix can add to your organisation?

The map forms a natural platform for discussion. Do you have a spatial assignment for which effective communication between participants is essential? Phoenix allows you to easily combine different map layers and you can quickly draw in regions. Curious about what Phoenix can add to your organisation? Why not invite us along to give a demo.

Technical details of Phoenix 1.3.0

The technical requirements for using the Phoenix application are:

  • A purchased Phoenix license is required.

Recommended Phoenix hardware specification:

  • Intel i5 CPU or higher
  • 8GB memory or up
  • Dedicated Video card. Nvidia GeForce 840 equivalent or higher
  • UTP 100 Mbit (additional Wifi: minimum IEEE 802.11n)
  • OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (Phoenix is not a UWP app, so Windows 10 Mobile & Mobile Enterprise are not supported)
  • .Net version 4.6.1 or up
  • Additional PC video output (hdmi/dvi/vga) for second screen.
  • Minimum 6 points Multi Touch technology (Capacitive / Optical imaging)
  • Full HD resolution

Phoenix Release 1.3.0

The new release contains several updates regarding mapping components (Mapsui, BruTile), thereby improving overall stability and performance. Also, with this new release Phoenix now supports ArcGIS Online (ArcGIS Feature layers and ArcGIS tile layers) and Web Feature Services (WFS).

Please find the full release notes here.