Routes and travel times

Travel times and distances between postcodes in the Netherlands


  • Travel costs: to check travel expense claims.
  • To plan work-related visits: to be able to optimally plan work-related visits that your representatives/engineers have to make.
  • Route planning: optimal planning of routes taken by your couriers.
  • Accessibility analysis: to determine the number of customers or prospective customers located within the catchment area of your company.
  • Store finder: refer customers to your closest store or branch.

What is it and how does it work?

Geodan offers various solutions in terms of routes and travel times.

  • Travel times and distances: Geodan has the entire TomTom road network, including the actual speeds that are driven. Geodan used this information to create the Drive Time Matrix (DTM) product. This table contains the travel times and distances between postcodes in the Netherlands. Without having to use specific (route) software, you can use this to check travel times and distances. You can also incorporate the table behind your web page to direct your customers to the closest branch.
  • Routes: You can use software to determine optimum routes. For example, MapInfo Professional can be used in combination with Routefinder and a road network.

Unique attributes

  • The only one in the Netherlands based on TomTom’s Historic Speed Profiles, which gives an extremely realistic picture of travel times and distances between postcodes.
  • The DTM is available as standard on PC4 and PC5 level.
  • It is possible to order a DTM with modified speeds, for every arbitrary European country, every required time of the week or based on your own address database.
  • If you buy the routing software yourself, this allows you to (amongst other things) respond to the issues of travelling salesman.

What are the benefits?

  • An efficient way of checking the travel costs of your staff, representative or engineers.
  • In the event of ad-hoc requests from customers, save on travel costs by sending the engineer who is closest to an emergency.
  • A geographically logical route planner.
  • An insight into the number of (potential) customers that live within a certain distance or travel time from your branches.
  • Visitors are immediately able to see on your website where your organisation’s closest branch is.

Also of interest

  • GeoCatch: with this extension to MapInfo Professional you can determine catchment areas around your branches based on distances or travel times.
  • Districter Plus: with this extension to MapInfo Professional you can determine catchment areas around your branches based on distances or travel times, where you can take into account a specified maximum travel distance or capacity for each branch.

Conditions relating to Routes and travel times

Depending on the type of use and the number of users, we use various types of licences. Please ask us about the conditions applicable to your usage. All of the prices that are given exclude VAT and are subject to change.

Drive Time Matrix (DTM)

  • Version : 2016
  • Update frequency: Once a year
  • Price: from € 975.00
  • Can geographic selections be made?: yes


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