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Geodan as an employer

Pioneering for impactful solutions

Geodan is a tight-knit, enthusiastic group of people who want to make the Netherlands safer, more sustainable, and smarter with location intelligence. You won’t get there if you always stay on the beaten track. That’s why our employees get a lot of freedom to experiment and discover.

Making a difference together

Shaping the energy transition? Making our society a bit smarter and safer? Or ensuring that we can continue to find our way quickly in our busy, densely populated country? At Geodan, we go all the way for smart solutions. Our employees - from experienced GIS professionals to ambitious talent - continually research how they can use location intelligence to contribute to the many challenges of today and tomorrow.

Space for growth, development, and initiative

Translating complex issues into innovative location intelligence solutions is no easy thing to do. It requires knowledge and expertise. That’s why our employees are given every opportunity to continue to develop. And we expect Geodanners to share their newfound insights with their co-workers. Because together, you know more and you can do more.


Working at Geodan

Do you want to make a difference with us? Our doors are always open to enthusiastic talent and experienced GIS professionals!

Working at Geodan
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Nikkie den Dekker, location intelligence consultant
"In our Data & Services team, you’ll get plenty of room to develop and translate a range of customer wishes into smart data products, helping them gain more insight, lower their costs, and improve their business processes.”
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Job Bakker.jpg
Job Bakker, Java Developer
"What really satisfies me as a programmer and Java Developer is that moment when you know: this idea, this app for our cloud solution, will help the customer move forward light years."
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Djamilja Oud.jpg
Djamilja Oud, Research Team specialist
'As a BIM Geo intern, the (3D) world is at your feet as you work on your resume at the same time. Help us map buildings in detail and experience them in Virtual Reality with the help of a game engine. The future is now!”
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Geodan has two branches in the Netherlands

One location in Amsterdam and one in 's-Hertogenbosch. The general mailing and visiting address is President Kennedylaan 1, 1079 MB Amsterdam.


GPS Lat/Lon:Geodan ‘s-Hertogenbosch
51.69174 5.299683
GPS Lat/Lon:Geodan Amsterdam
52.342346 4.91305

Geodan ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Buitenhaven 27-A
5211 TP ‘s-Hertogenbosch
 +31 (0)73 – 6925 151


Geodan Amsterdam
President Kennedylaan 1
1079 MB Amsterdam
 +31 (0)20 – 5711 311