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Optimally efficient transport processes

The optimal route in an instant

Imagine: customers who don’t have to wait all day for their order, while your transport processes run as efficiently as possible. Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be anymore, thanks to Geodan’s route optimization solutions. By combining data, knowledge, and services, we provide the best possible route!

Unravelling logistical challenges

When it comes to logistics and distribution, the challenge lies mainly in the last mile; the last part of the route is where you’ll find everything from traffic, one-way roads, and road works to delivery in high-rise buildings. Our solutions ensure you’ll find the optimal route. We draw on our three types of solutions: data, knowledge, and services, and we employ them to help tackle a wide range of logistical challenges. Whether you want to know where your employees are, or want to calculate how long a particular route will take.

Data and real-time information

Logistics and data go hand in hand. We have various datasets. Is your delivery address on the ground floor, or will your delivery person have to take the stairs? And what about the traffic in a certain area? This forms the basis for our recommended routes for pedestrians, bicycles, e-bikes, cars, and trucks. We have mapped out infrastructure in the Netherlands in careful detail. Specifically for the logistics, we add building characteristics, such as the number of stories. Aside from that, we offer real-time traffic updates, but also insight into road works and any history of delays on busy routes.


Why route optimization?

  • Solution

    Custom solutions for the optimal route
  • Tailor-made

    With data, services, and knowledge, there’s always a mix that fits you.
  • Easy integration

    Seamless, easy combination with other Geodan services

Knowledge and services

Our consultants, IT architects, developers, and data specialists are experts at making optimal delivery routes, but we also specialize in tracking vehicles or determining the best location for a pick-up point or distribution center. That’s what we do for PostNL, for instance.

We use our GeodanMaps cloud platform to further expand our services, allowing us to supplement our route optimization solutions with mapping services, geocoding, tracking, and notification services. And the data? We encrypt and host it ourselves. So, no American servers! You can use our route optimization solutions directly in our online map application, or we can integrate it into your system with an API. Flexible and custom-made!


PostNL’s Monday route

In accordance with the Postal Act, PostNL must deliver from Tuesday to Saturday. Nevertheless, they are active on Mondays. That’s when they deliver all the mail that can’t wait until later in the week: mourning cards and medical parcels. With the help of the Monday route, this relatively small amount of mail gets to people’s homes as efficiently as possible.


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Our datasets and services offer all sorts of valuable information, ranging from insight into the number of stories in a building to predicting stop times.