Producten&diensten Datasets&services Centrale overheid

Local government

Municipalities are facing a wide range of challenges. such as housing shortages, climate-proof inner cities, energy transition, mobility, and improving air quality. Location intelligence can help in the search for solutions.

Producten&diensten Datasets&services Centrale overheid

Datasets & services

Our datasets and services offer all sorts of valuable information, ranging from insight into the number of stories in a building to predicting stop times.

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The Phoenix touchtable application lets your team work on policy plans as one, on one map that contains all information. Phoenix allows for effective collaboration on spatial issues.

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Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a digital replica of reality. By combining several datasets, an increasingly better picture of the environment emerges in the Digital Twin. You can develop plans that appeal to as many stakeholders as possible and that can be tested by various target groups.