The connecting power of location intelligence

Location seems so simple. The place where something is. The place where you would like to go. The place for which you have great plans. Insight into the possibilities of that location: that is what location intelligence is all about. What is the height of a particular building? Where are there underground cables? What is the fastest route from A to B? What is the best place for a noise barrier, windmill, or distribution center? But also: What will this place look like 20 years from now, if we go in a completely different direction?

Geodan collects, combines, visualizes and analyzes data such as company data, current file information, or historical data. By creating the right cross-connections between these data, we create new, spatial insights. Insights that allow us to make the right decisions in arranging our country. That is the connecting power of location intelligence.
What is location intelligence?
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The energy transition: where can we make the difference?

We are a small country with a big challenge. The energy transition demands a lot from our space and creativity. How do we tackle this successfully? Read, watch, listen and experience it in the Energy Transition issue of The Meridian.

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