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Manage the crisis situation with one system

Suppose there’s a small fire at the power plant. If you act quickly, the fire will be easy to extinguish, But the situation can just as easily devolve into a crisis. With the Crisis Management System (CMS), we ensure that all parties involved are aware of the current status at all times, so they can act quickly and efficiently.

A net-centered approach

The Crisis management system supports a net-centered approach, which means that all parties involved receive the necessary information in text and on a map. This information comes in real-time via a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone and can be shared with everyone involved, from co-workers to emergency services. They can then use the information to make informed decisions together that can prevent, limit, or solve a crisis.

Smart geodata

An essential addition to the crisis management system is smart geodata that’s specifically aimed at energy and drinking water companies. By inputting the location, you’ll immediately receive a clear map of the situation. It shows you immediately if there’s a school nearby, where the nearest hospital is, and which areas may be at risk if the wind suddenly turns.

The pros

Why Geodan CMS?

  • Clearly arranged in one system

    The complete crisis situation, clearly arranged in one system
  • Communicating on the same platform

    Responding and communicating with the team on the same platform
  • Effective evaluation

    Effective retrospective evaluation, thanks to saved communication

Clear variables

The system only asks the questions needed for a good total overview, so you won’t waste time on unnecessary questions from emergency services that aren’t familiar with the location. Everyone is able to respond and communicate via the platform and all information is saved on the system. That way, after the crisis has been resolved and everything has calmed down, you can evaluate if and how things could be done better next time.


Safe and reliable energy supply

In case of problems with gas and electricity grids, immediate action is crucial. Thanks to Geodan's crisis management system, all of grid manager Alliander’s employees involved in the process have immediate access to all relevant, up-to-date information. This lets them work together to get the situation under control quicker.


case - Calamiteiten energienetten
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