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The traffic incident management platform

Traffic jams are frustrating. For motorists, for the environment, and for the emergency services that have to resolve them. After all, many traffic jams are caused by incidents. With Geodan’s Incident Management System (IMS), you can get a better grip on the situation and resolve incidents more efficiently.

Quick and efficient incident resolution

We make sure that all information pertaining to an incident is included in the IMS, a platform on which all parties involved receive the necessary information in real time via their desktops, tablets or phones. We call this a ‘net-centered approach’. From road inspectors and emergency services to members of the press: everyone knows what’s going on where, who can be found where, and what the current status is of a particular incident or crisis. All of this information serves a single purpose: resolving the incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Modular system

The IMS is a modular system, which means that you only pay for the building blocks that are relevant for your situation. The basis is a set of maps that allow for simple indication of the location of the incident, but this basic element is often extended with communication modules that allow multiple parties to respond to the incident. Aside from that, you can also add 'smart alarms’, for example, which compares the location of the incident to that of the nearest inspector, repairer, and even with the press, if necessary. That way, you’ll know exactly whom to send where. Which modules do you need? That’s something we’ll determine together. If you want, we’ll even think of new solutions tailored to your questions.

The pros

Why Geodan IMS?

  • One system

    One system for everyone involved
  • Modular

    Modular platform suited to all needs & wishes
  • Viewable in every size

    Conveniently accessible on desktop, tablet, and phone
  • Share information

    Share information with everyone involved
  • Effective evaluation

    Effective joint evaluation

Respond and evaluate

The IMS saves all updates and communications in the cloud, which are hosted by Geodan on Dutch soil. The cloud has clear benefits, in that it lets you evaluate the process with entire team in the wake of the incident. What went well? What can be improved? This means that future incidents can de resolved even more effectively.


Resolving incidents on provincial roads faster

In case of incidents on the provincial roads in North Holland, Geodan's incident management system (IMS) determines which road inspector can be on site the fastest. In addition, the system helps with fixed resolution scenarios and communication to all parties involved, such as emergency services. Now, the province resolves incidents better and more quickly, limiting traffic jams and inconvenience.


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