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Annita Vijverberg


Annita Vijverberg

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What is a Digital Twin?

The definition Digital Twin is a digital replica of reality. By combining different datasets and case specific additions, an increasingly better picture of the environment emerges in the Digital Twin. You can develop plans that appeal to as many stakeholders as possible and that can be tested by various target groups. In this way, the Digital Twin leads to new insights, better solutions and more support in the decision-making process.

Paper becomes digital

Data on particulate matter, noise, the shadow effect of a new residential tower... the world around us is producing more and more data. At Geodan, we turn all that separate data into useful information. And that’s not all. Bringing all that information together in one digital world even lets us create a replica of reality: We call it the Digital Twin.

Challenges in spatial planning

Digital twins are becoming increasingly important because of the current challenges in spatial planning: infrastructure, the housing crisis, climate change and the energy transition. Given the complexity of all these developments, an integrated approach is needed.

Sound, well-tested plans!

Geodan Digital Twins support various challenges in the physical environment. Using smart models, we can quickly calculate the impact of all kinds of future plans and scenarios, and visualize them in 2D as well as 3D. In addition, the plans and various scenarios are automatically checked against current legislation and regulations.

Annita Vijverberg

Want to know more?

Annita Vijverberg

Please feel free to contact us. Annita Vijverberg is our expert in this field.

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Even better protection against floods

With an eye on the future, the Lekdijk between Amerongen and Schoonhoven is set to be strengthened, but the shovel won’t hit the dirt until enough is known about the soil. Geodan maps out all data on this topic, providing a solid foundation for the reinforcement process.

case - sterke Lekdijk