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Working on our living environment

Geodan brings together the enormous amount of data about the living environment in the Netherlands, using handy maps and beautiful visualizations to provide insight into the possibilities. That’s how we contribute to a smart society in which we can quickly tackle major challenges such as housing shortages, climate resilience, and the energy transition.

In the coming years, we will be working hard on the living environment in our country, by building homes, installing solar panels, maintaining air quality, making areas climate-proof, and managing traffic, for instance. Often, this happens all at once, at high speed, in the same area and, of course, in line with all laws and regulations that apply there.

This calls for a smart society in which citizens, authorities, and businesses can easily keep track of and make geographical data work to their advantage. Geodan can help. What we do, is collect all of this data, link it to each other, and show you what you can do with it.

We build digital twins, for example: virtual versions of reality that you can use to visualize problems and potential solutions, leading to more informed decisions. So: a smart plan for a smart society.


In practice

Smart plans start with making smart use of data. Geodan helps the Johan Cruijff Arena, the Dutch Kadaster and The Stichtse Rijnlanden water board do just that.



All cases
case - Kadaster database omgevingsinformatie

Kadaster: all regulations in one registry

Want to quickly find out online whether you can install a dormer or organize an event? Soon, you’ll be able to do just that, thanks to the Environmental Planning Bill,

case - sterke Lekdijk

A solid foundation for a strong Lekdijk

Geodan maps out all data on the Lekdijk between Amerongen and Schoonhoven.

Products and services

Our offer

In addition to developing and updating large geodata registries, Geodan offers useful tools for a smart society, such as the Phoenix touchtable application, the Legal Rule Engine and Geomagine experience technology.


Geodan helps develop new registries keeps existing registries up-to-date and viable, from Kadaster to the Atlas Living Environment.
A Digital Twin is a digital replica of reality. By combining several datasets, an increasingly better picture of the environment emerges in the Digital Twin. You can develop plans that appeal to as many stakeholders as possible and that can be tested by various target groups.