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You can do more together than by yourself

You come up with the best ideas when you join forces with others. That’s why Geodan and its partners work together to develop location intelligence solutions that make a difference.

More expertise, better solutions

Location data is often just a piece of the location intelligence puzzle. After all, it takes knowledge of business processes or specific technologies or software to actually use location data to your advantage. That is why Geodan joins forces with partners: we use each other's knowledge and expertise for solutions that enable our customers to really move forward.

For us, together really means together

We think it’s important to make sure that our partners are a great match with us and vice versa. The most important thing is that working together actually means working together. We go for it together and we go the extra mile to get an amazing result. Of course, that means it’s important that you understand each other, because only then will you reach new heights together. In the end, working with partners really just means working together with people.

Quality is a given

We make every effort to shape our geo-ICT products and services in such a way that our customers are and remain satisfied. Our management system is fully geared towards this: we are skilled in all processes that influence quality and information security. We are also ISO9001, ISO27001, and ISAE3402 II-certified.

Various partnerships

  • Business partner
  • Software or Technology partner
  • Research or Innovation partner
  • Data partner