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A challenging expert

Geodan is a reliable, service-oriented and challenging discussion partner for organizations that want to work with location intelligence, for example to optimize complex work processes. We really love using our expertise to find out which solution works best for you.

Looking for the optimal solution

We are able to quickly understand your organization and find out exactly what you need. The result: clear analyses and accompanying advice that show what location intelligence can mean for your organization. In doing so, we always look a bit further. Of course, we’ll get started with your specific question, but if it turns out that going a different direction, for example, would be more advantageous, we will - on our own initiative - advise you on that. After all, that’s the only way to find the optimal solution.

Advise and inspire

Our motivated consultants know everything about optimizing complex work processes. Aside from that, they feel completely comfortable in any type of organization. This lets them get to know departments and co-workers quickly, which is useful, because it ensures that they can also provide them with tailored advice and a good dose of inspiration.


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Curious about the issues for which organizations turn to us for help? Which solutions we came up with? And what the result was? 

Check out our cases

Quality is a given

We make every effort to shape our geo-ICT products and services in such a way that our customers are and remain satisfied. Our management system is fully geared towards this: we are skilled in all processes that influence quality and information security. We are also ISO9001, ISO27001, and ISAE3402 II-certified.