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Insightful data for a better living environment

The balance between 'gray' and 'green' is an important issue in our society, both on a large and a small scale. How do we protect nature against our ever-expanding cities? How clean is the air in my neighborhood? And how much noise pollution is that new road going to create? Knowledge is the key to answering those questions, especially for policymakers. That’s why Geodan helps them create nature, environment, and climate policy dashboards.


Information for everyone

We live in a low land. Everyone knows that. That does mean that we have to do lot of thinking and calculating. After all, we have to find out where it’s safe to build homes. This is usually in the city, but what about particulates? Is the living environment still healthy? We develop tailored dashboards especially for policymakers, in order to provide insight into all this data. And we do so together, because only you know exactly which information you need. We make this information available.



Why policy dashboards?

  • Insightful data

    Combined (geographic) data made insightful in one handy dashboard
  • Tailor-made

    Tailored to what you need
  • Easy integration

    Can be integrated into your own data sources and other Geodan products, such as Phoenix.

Various forms

A policy dashboard can take different forms. From dashboards such as the National Flora and Fauna Database, to the Calculation Module for uniform monitoring of nature quality. We’ll decide which form you need together, before our multidisciplinary team of specialists gets to work. The team consists of, among others, domain experts, data analysts, and dashboard designers, so that we can be sure that your policy dashboard will be user friendly, work optimally within a secure cloud, and will always offer the most up-to-date information. Because when it comes to the environment, we can’t take any chances.

Combination with other services

Geodan always offers tailored solutions, drawing on years of experience and a wide range of products. Policy dashboards, for example, work well with Phoenix, a touch table application for multidisciplinary collaboration on spatial issues. This lets you easily discuss results during a meeting and even move things around to make information even more transparent. A smart table always leads to a good conversation!



How green is our little country anyway?

We prefer to see ourselves as a green little country full of beautiful nature. But how is that nature actually doing? In order to be able to give a clear and unambiguous answer to this, all provinces and nature managers are working on a joint overview of the nature quality in our country. Geodan’s Nature Network Nature Quality Calculation Module and BIJ12 provide insight into issues such as soil quality and flora and fauna.

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