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How green is our little country anyway?

We prefer to see ourselves as a green little country full of beautiful nature. But how is that nature actually doing? In order to be able to give a clear and unambiguous answer to this, all provinces and nature managers are working on a joint overview of the nature quality in our country. Geodan’s Nature Network Nature Quality Calculation Module and BIJ12 provide insight into issues such as soil quality and flora and fauna.

Seeing the forest for the trees again

Every year, significant amounts are invested in Dutch nature policy and management. For example: you can apply for a subsidy from the province for measures to protect or improve nature, measures to raise the quality of nature in our country to a higher level. In order to determine and test the quality of nature, we used to use a document with a lot of criteria for the state of all kinds of types of nature throughout the country. That wasn’t very clear or practical. That is why BIJ12 - the administrative organization of the provinces - asked Geodan to create order from chaos.

The solution

Visualization of nature

The Rekenmodule Natuurkwaliteit Natuurnetwerk (Nature Network Nature Quality Computing Module) is a cloud application that allows you to quickly and easily calculate the nature quality - good, moderate or bad - in a certain area. What about the water level and acidity of the soil? What kind of and how many distinctive birds breed here? And what are the effects of new policy and management measures on these indicators? With the help of continuously updated datasets, smart algorithms, and manual assessments by Ecological experts, BIJ12 can easily retrieve this kind of information.

The Calculation Module is a cloud application that lets you quickly calculate the nature quality of a certain area.

The result

Better overview, better policy

Because Geodan makes sure that the Nature Network Nature Quality Computing Module is always up-to-date, provinces and nature managers always know for sure that they’re using the right, uniform, and most recent data to make informed decisions about nature policy and management in our country. Which is nice to know.