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The genius of location

Location seems so simple. The place where something is. The place where you would like to go. The place for which you have great plans. Insight into the possibilities of that location: that is what location intelligence is all about. What is the height of a particular building? Where are there underground cables? What is the fastest route from A to B? What is the best place for a noise barrier, windmill, or distribution center? But also: What will this place look like 20 years from now if we go in a completely different direction?

Geodan’s blueprint

We developed the blueprint of our approach over 30 years ago: gathering information and displaying it simply in smart maps. By combining data such as company data, current traffic information, or historical data, for instance, we provide smart insights, better communication, more efficient processes, and smooth cooperation. That is location intelligence at its best. Our approach is more relevant than ever. Sitting still? That’s not our way. Especially with all these new challenges on the horizon. We use our curiosity and resourcefulness to develop impactful applications for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable world.

Making the world a better place

What we think that world looks like? If we take the Netherlands as a starting point, we envision a society in which we can live and work safely behind dikes and dunes. Where we can get to our destination quickly and safely. In which processes, people, and even smart cities are connected in smart ways thanks to a safe, vital infrastructure above and below ground. Where we work efficiently with information that’s available quickly and that we can share with each other securely. A liveable country, in which we live and work more consciously, and contribute actively to the energy transition. We see a society in which policy is transparent and the government develops and shapes our country together with citizens and market parties.

By combining data, we provide smart insights, better communication, more efficient processes, and smooth cooperation.

Value in every location

Customers describe us as clever boys and girls. We’re proud of that. At Geodan, we’re just resourceful, but optimistic and driven, too. That’s how we find value in every location. Our resourcefulness gives us wings and lets us be limitless location intelligence pioneers, driving us to tackle the issues of the future. After all, if you want to make the world a better, more efficient place, just like we do, you have to understand that world first. Geodan points the way.


Geodan is part of the LOCATIQS Group. A powerful combination of labels and companies, consisting of: Geodan and GOconnectIT. Our 250 employees together strive to make an impact with Location Intelligence in the Netherlands and beyond.

The Meridian

The energy transition: where can we make the difference?

We are a small country with a big challenge. The energy transition demands a lot from our space and creativity. How do we tackle this successfully? Read, watch, listen and experience it in the Energy Transition issue of The Meridian.

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Geodan has two branches in the Netherlands

One location in Amsterdam and one in 's-Hertogenbosch. The general mailing and visiting address is President Kennedylaan 1, 1079 MB Amsterdam.


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Geodan ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Buitenhaven 27-A
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Geodan Amsterdam
President Kennedylaan 1
1079 MB Amsterdam
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