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Reach the right target audience with location optimization

Targeted Expansion and downsizing are significant challenges for a lot of companies. Where should you open a new branch? What’s the best place for an external depot? And which bank office could you afford to close without losing too much coverage? Geodan’s knowledge, data, and tools can help you solve all of your real estate location issues.

Custom information

Albert Heijn uses other information to make decisions than a local primary school, and still other factors apply to healthcare organizations. That's why Geodan offers custom services. Together, we look at the KPIs that matter to your company. Where is your target audience and how far away do you want to be from them? Does the price of land play an important role? We convert this data into variables that we process into map layers in a handy web viewer. Easy to adjust yourself for constantly updated insight.

A wealth of data

Thanks to our experience, we already have a lot of in-house knowledge and data, including zip code-level demographic data and all sorts of building properties. Useful if, for example, you want to know which buildings have more than 100 sq. m. of office space. Or if you’re curious how many seniors live in a particular neighborhood.


Why location optimization

  • Ideal combination

    The ideal combination of your KPIs and existing data.
  • Dynamic web viewer

    An easily adjustable, dynamic web viewer
  • Ongoing up-to-date insight

    Ongoing and up-to-date insight with relevant information for the future

Everything in one overview

Ultimately, we utilize 3 different information sources: those of the company itself, our partners, and our own database. We bring these results together in one convenient web viewer, which lets you retrieve information from various map layers. This web viewer is built dynamically, so you can turn information on and off, as well as adding information yourself. You can also easily share it with co-workers or partners: per layer or as a total map, to support your arguments for choosing a particular location.


The best place for a new child daycare center

Child daycare organization Kindergarden is expanding and is therefore regularly looking for suitable new locations for daycare centers. Geodan helps by mapping out where its target audience lives and where its competition is located, allowing the organization to focus on continued growth.

case - Kindergarden
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Our datasets and services offer all sorts of valuable information, ranging from insight into the number of stories in a building to predicting stop times.