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The best place for a new child daycare center

Child daycare organization Kindergarden is expanding and is therefore regularly looking for suitable new locations for daycare centers. Geodan helps by mapping out where its target audience lives and where its competition is located, allowing the organization to focus on continued growth.

Finding suitable properties

Kindergarden wants to distinguish itself as a high-quality child daycare organization specializing in care and development. That approach is working. Parents are enthusiastically enrolling their children and the organization is expanding. But where in the Netherlands can they best search for properties for new daycare centers? That’s the question that Kindergarden had for Geodan.

"Thanks to this tool, we are no longer dependent on others. We’re the ones pressing the buttons and we can (re)act quickly.”

Chantalle Paulussen, Kindergarden

Localizing target audiences

To find suitable areas, we first created a profile of the current customers to determine the target audience. These customers are (future) parents of small children, and they usually live near existing daycare centers. Furthermore, we characterized them on the basis of income and education level. With data collected by the CBS (Statistics Netherlands), for instance, we can determine where people with these characteristics live. We combined all data sources and divided the Netherlands into zones, which are labelled on the basis of data to show how many people with interesting profile characteristics live there. These zones are given a color on a scale from green to red, to identify the most promising areas.


Focused growth

Via the GeodanMaps platform, Kindergarden quickly gets an overview of where its target audience lives, where its own branches are, and where the competition is located. Now, Kindergarden employees are looking for suitable locations for new daycare centers. They zoom in on the areas and send a broker to find a specific property with additional criteria - such as minimum size and availability for the coming years. It works: the organization keeps on growing. It also quickly becomes clear whether, given the location, acquiring another childcare organization may be interesting. Moreover, Kindergarden uses the tool for targeted marketing and accountability to its American parent organization. The tool is very user-friendly and is regularly updated and expanded, for example with data for out-of-school care centers.

case - Kindergarden beste plek voor kinderopvang

Kindergarden can continue to grow with new childcare centers thanks to GeodanMaps.