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Reach the right target audience with location optimization

If there’s one thing you want to know as a marketer, it’s where your target audience is. Using data and tools, Geodan can quickly help you find out which bus stop or advertising column will let you reach the right audience.

Needle in a haystack

Marketing costs time and money. So, it makes sense that you only want to focus on the right target audience. With our location marketing tools, you can see, for example, which addresses you have to contact for a magazine in the higher segment, by showing in which zip code areas the WOZ value (Real Estate Valuation) is above a certain level. We do the same for online campaigns: as a garden center, you would prefer to focus your social media campaign on people in zip code areas with plenty of backyards. Thanks to our data, we can help you determine which locations are interesting for your campaign.

Expert in location marketing

We have amassed decades of experience in location marketing, by combining your own data, that of our partners, and the information from our own datasets. You start by specifying your target audience to us as carefully as possible, after which we’ll start looking for information that we can add to that profile. Are your customers clustered in one zip code area? Or are they spread out over the entire city? What’s the family composition and what’s the average income that you have to take into account? This information will form the basis of your campaign.

Mapping target audience insights

We’ll work together to find the optimal location for your billboard or the optimal area for your campaign. Ultimately, you’ll receive the information from us in a dynamic web viewer. By means of various map layers that can be shown or hidden, you can easily bring up the information you need at any given time. This doesn’t just give you a simple answer to the problem, it gives you continuous insight. Ideal if you want your special marketing campaigns to stand out permanently.


Why location optimization?

  • Ideal combination

    The ideal combination of your KPIs and existing data.
  • Dynamic web viewer

    A dynamic web viewer that’s easy to personalize
  • Ongoing insight

    Ongoing insight with relevant information for the future
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