Last mile dilemma

The end of the Last Mile Dilemma

Time-consuming and environmentally damaging trips in the city center of our cities: the so-called last mile of distribution is causing more and more carriers headaches. One of the solutions? The bicycle! And with the Geodan Bicycle network, more and more organizations have access to the most reliable, fastest, and safest routes for two-wheelers.

The last kilometers by bike

From Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats to webshop giant Zalando and the delivery staff of PostNL: the last kilometer in the logistics process is increasingly being covered by bicycle. To do this as efficiently, safely, and quickly as possible, Geodan has developed a bicycle network. This cloud-based tool has a number of unique features and is based on reliable source data taken from OpenStreetMap.

A delaying intersection

Aside from all bicycle paths in the Netherlands, the network also includes all our country’s public roads that are accessible by bike. Countless variables have been included, resulting in the most realistic possible calculation of travel times and the fastest cycling route. The bicycle network takes into account the average waiting time at a traffic light, but also, for example, the delay factor of an intersection or the delay at a ferry service.

From 8a to 12b

The routes can be calculated based on several different speeds, which is why the tool is also suitable for mopeds and the up-and-coming e-bike On top of that, the network indicates precisely where restrictions apply, such as one-way traffic. A good route has a clear starting point and a clear destination. Thanks to our partnership with PostNL, Geodan has the most accurate address database in the Netherlands: the Addresses and Buildings Netherlands (AGN) database. The combination between the bicycle network and the AGN makes this a special solution and ensures that the route’s destination is always the right address!