case - Calamiteiten energienetten

Safe and reliable energy supply

In case of problems with gas and electricity grids, immediate action is crucial. Thanks to Geodan's crisis management system, all of grid manager Alliander’s employees involved in the process have immediate access to all relevant, up-to-date information. This lets them work together to get the situation under control quicker.


Quick and efficient crisis resolution

Imagine an excavator hitting a gas pipe, causing water to leak into it, or a whole district experiencing a power outage, because a middle station fails. In these types of crisis situation, grid managers like Alliander ensure that everything is back up and running as quickly as possible and that customers are informed of the situation. That is why the company's crisis organization opted for net-centric operation: sharing available information directly with everyone involved, so that everyone has the same up-to-date picture: the common operational picture. Alliander operationalized this method with scenarios and communication via email and WhatsApp. In order to make communicative support more structural, the company asked Geodan for a systematic solution.

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Exactly the right information for everyone

Our crisis management system offers everything Alliander needs. The system lets all parties involved - from inside and outside the organization - share necessary information. That information is visualized on maps and supplemented with textual data. Alliander has its own interface for the system that they can easily set up themselves, allowing administrators to decide which information they want for each individual scenario. Consider, for example, lists of contact details and tables of actions, but also certain map layers, such as customers for gas or electricity.

Because all stakeholders have constant access to relevant, up-to-date information, they can quickly make the right decisions


More efficient cooperation

All stakeholders now have current, relevant information at their disposal at all times, allowing them to take the right decisions, delegate tasks and take action as quickly as possible. That saves time in the golden hour: the first hour after an incident, in which every minute counts. Communication between the core team and remote support teams is also not a problem, since the crisis management system can be accessed securely via the internet as a web application. As a result, the parties involved can collaborate on an adequate solution more efficiently. Moreover, they can easily use the data from the system to inform the customer.