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Geodan chooses growth, and GOconnectIT

With an inspiring mission and unique knowledge and technology, in 35 years’ time we have grown to become one of the market leaders in location intelligence. A position that inspires us to add new chapters to our history. To keep creating value and sustainable growth, we have decided that we will be joining forces with GOconnectIT. 

We have known GOconnectIT since the sale of Geodan Van Den Berg, an innovative supplier of specialised software solutions for the infrastructure industry. An ambitious party who understands us and is a good fit for us,’ says Bert Scholten, the new CEO of Geodan. ‘We have worked together successfully for some time, whereby our cloud platform GeodanMaps provides services for GOconnectIT’s WIBON solutions.


Furthermore, the growth ambitions of the GOconnectIT Group (GOconnectIT, GO WIBON (formerly Geodan Van Den Berg), Swiss Knife and Geodan) will offer Geodan the opportunity to further expand and reinforce its market position. We will benefit from each other’s strengths within the partnership, but we will continue to operate under our own company and brand. ‘We are establishing synergy, but Geodan will still be Geodan.’

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From left to right: Theo Thewessen (Geodan), Henri van Mil (Geodan), Evert Meijer (Geodan), Henk Scholten (Geodan), Matty van Leeuwen (GOconnectIT) and Bert Scholten (Geodan).

Stronger together, growing together

In the future, this partnership will allow us to offer high-end geo-IT solutions to a large, growing group of users in the Netherlands and abroad. ‘That will entail a broad portfolio of innovative solutions which will help the world of tomorrow move forward,’ Scholten says. ‘And which will benefit our clients in the future. By joining forces and learning from each other, we can have an even greater impact in the move towards a sustainable society. That will make our work even more valuable. Personally, I very much look forward to getting started and carrying out this inspiring plan together.’  

If you have any questions about this announcement, you can always ask your Geodan contact via e-mail or call: 020 – 5711 311 (Amsterdam) or 073 – 6925 151 (Den Bosch).