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All required permits in one quick overview

Building homes, constructing roads, repairing dikes: Heijmans is always working on a large number of construction projects throughout the country, which often requires many permits from different authorities. But which ones? With Geodan's toolbox for permit management, it’s a piece of cake to find out quickly and systematically. This helps prevent extra costs and delays.


Check all permits

Heijmans has many large projects. To be able to carry out these projects, the company has to keep checking which permits are required. This is no minor task, especially because the regulations in question often come from various different authorities, seeing as the rules may differ from one location to the next. You have to be sure of the status of each and every riverbank, before you start digging them up. If you overlook something like this - and therefore forget to apply for a permit - this often results in additional costs and delays. That’s why Heijmans wants to be able to browse all possibly relevant permits quickly and systematically.

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Permit management toolbox

Geodan’s toolbox for permit management turns out to be an ideal solution. For large projects, such as the construction of a new road, a permit specialist from Heijmans will make an inventory using the Legal Rule Engine Pro. First of all, they’ll draw the project on a map, resulting in a complete list of all permits that may be of importance in the specified environment - for example for building, demolition, cutting, digging, and discharging. The specialist makes a relevant selection for the project and can then continue with applications.

The Legal Rule Engine Pro is also ideal during projects, as it allows Heijmans to quickly check whether a tree standing in the way can be cut down, or if, for example, it has been classified as a monument.

All permits of all authorities and government agencies have been included in the Legal Rule Engine Pro.

“The Legal Rule Engine Pro combines reliability and user-friendliness.”

Leendert de Bruin, Heijmans

Work faster with greater certainty

Because all current permits from all authorities are included in the Legal Rule Engine, the chance of missing something is almost zero. On top of that, it takes Heijmans much less time to comb through legislation. The tools are expanded regularly on the basis of market demand and, in any case, they are continuously updated with the latest requirements. There are also plans for a direct link to Relatics, a system for all project information during the implementation phase.