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Geodan wins DCMR tender

Geodan has won the European tender for the new control room system of DCMR Rijnmond Environmental Agency. On August 30th, Geodan’s commercial director Henri van Mil and Rosita Thé, director of DCMR Environmental Agency Rijnmond, officially launched the collaboration.


Safety in the Rijnmond region

DCMR is the environmental service faced by biggest challenge in the Netherlands: monitoring and improving the quality of the environment in the most industrious and densely populated area of the country, but they are determined to find the ideal balance between the ambitions of the more than 27,000 companies that operate here and the 1.2 million people who want to live and work in a liveable and safe environment. The DCMR control room is the point of contact for residents who wish to report environmental nuisances. Companies also call the DCMR to report unusual incidents and occurrences. In addition, the service is responsible for registering and assessing results on various measurement networks, as well as complaints and notifications by other (environmental) services in the province of South Holland. As such, the control room plays an important role in keeping the Rijnmond region safe.

Modern control room system ready for the future

In this important task, the control room is supported by a registration and resolution system for complaints and incidents. This means that reports must be recorded quickly and reliably, so that they can be assessed by employees. The current system is outdated and no is longer supported by updates, which means it’s no longer possible to make changes to the control room system. Plenty of reasons for DCMR to look for a new system with modern registration abilities that is ready for the future.

They chose Geodan. Geodan provides a SaaS incident management system that makes the registration of reports and the handling of complaints and incidents easier.

Commissioned in 2019

Thé is enthusiastic about the agreement with Geodan and the subsequent solution we found. "DCMR places high demands on the solutions they use for the professional, future-proof handling of environmental complaints and incidents. Geodan is the only party that has proposed a solution that meets these specific requirements within the set financial frameworks." A huge compliment, Van Mil stresses emphatically: "We are very proud that DCMR has chosen our solution. Our in-depth knowledge of incident management is being applied to an important social issue and it underlines our belief that such a ‘cloud-based’ solution is the future."

Geodan will start development of the new system soon. The control room system will be installed after the summer, and we expect that DCMR can start using it early 2019.


Geodan has two branches in the Netherlands

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